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The national shortage of housing presents significant opportunity for farmers and landowners, particularly where landholdings adjoin the urban fringe and existing settlements or include brownfield sites in sustainable and accessible locations.

With our knowledge and expertise, we specialise in acquiring and delivering land through the planning system, helping clients optimise the returns from selling their land in towns, villages, and rural settings, advising on the most suitable use, and helping guide them through the process of executing the sale.

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We review the viability of development and oversee the whole process, navigating the complexities of planning legislation and advising on your expected returns. Our comprehensive process will include the specific issues of planning, environmental impact, statutory requirements, and site appraisal.

Our far-reaching experience and expertise in selling land across Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire, and Cambridgeshire ensures it is marketed in the right way and seen by the right buyers, making us the perfect choice to partner with on the sale of your land.

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Sell your land

Building on greenbelt land is strictly controlled, meaning most plots of land have had some previous development, so they may currently be a brownfield site previously used as something else but currently unused, derelict, or contaminated.

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The three principal ways to sell land are:

1. Without planning permission

The easiest way allows you to put the land up for sale in its present state. However, because costs to develop the land will need to be met by the purchaser, these will be reflected in the value of the land and the likely sale price.

2. Selling ‘subject to planning’

This provides a flexible agreement allowing you to enter into a conditional agreement with a buyer that enables them to step away from the deal should permission to develop be denied.

3. With planning permission

This option will appeal most to prospective buyers, as permission is already in place to develop the land. Outline permission can be granted allowing the type of development to be agreed at a later time if unknown at the time of sale.

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